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Before traveling it is a great idea to take stock of several cheap Phuket Island guesthouses. In some parts of the world the word cheap is synonymous with inferior or poor quality. When it comes to cheap Phuket Island guesthouses however, it simply means inexpensive. You will find that there are many guesthouses and bed and breakfast establishments that are excellent accommodations that do not charge the high dollar prices of many of the resorts.

Lamai Apartment

Lamai Apartment


When booking or reserving rooms in cheap Phuket Island guesthouses, you may find that there are a few of the luxuries you might enjoy at resorts that are missing such as in room massages however, it is quite simple to find cheap Phuket guesthouses in the area that provide these services for very reasonable prices as well. In fact, most cheap Phuket Island Thailand guesthouses are conveniently located to various attractions and entertainment so that their guests are within easy walking distance of the very reasons they chose to spend their holidays on Phuket Island to begin with. A good place to start your search guesthouses and 2 star accommodation is on the web and there are many other good sites to help you.

The Bird Cage Patong Guesthouse

One great cheap Phuket Island Thailand guesthouse is the The Bird Cage Patong Guesthouse. This bed and breakfast offers safety and security to guests while providing quaint, clean, and friendly accommodations at a very reasonable price. While you will not find all the high tech luxuries and expensive fitness equipment, you'll find at the resorts you'll be able to spend an afternoon at an Internet cafe or go hiking, biking, diving or other Phuket tours with the money you'll save on accommodations. Also Phuket nightlife is never far away.

Capri Hotel

If you want a little more opulence in your surroundings you may wish to try the cheap Phuket Island Thailand guesthouse hotel, Capri Hotel on Surin beach on for size. You will get a little more of the beachfront surroundings than you might expect of a guesthouse combined with the luxury and beauty of this particular mansion for a price that is more than reasonable. In fact, this is a very inexpensive place to say while traveling to Phuket Island. If you want to make a romantic getaway out of your holiday travels, this is a great guesthouse for accomplishing that goal.

M's Guesthouse

M's Guest House in Patong Beach offer good clean accommodation set back from the beach, in a more village like atmosphere, surrounded by the tall mountains of the Patong Highlands. The 24 air con rooms also have a laundry service. At the spa you can get a good Thai massage.

Cheap Phuket Island Thailand guesthouses do not need to break the budget in order to provide spectacular and enjoyable accommodations. Whether you are seeking a nice quiet room away from the hustle and bustle of the main strip or a room in the middle of it all, there are many affordable options available on your travels to Phuket Island Thailand as far as cheap guesthouses are concerned.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012