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There are many things that you look for when booking the right hotels lodging. But what special things do you look for when booking a Phuket Island Thailand resort? Hopefully the following suggestions will be helpful in helping you make the right decision about which Phuket Island resort is right for you and the needs of you and those who will be vacationing with you.

Banyan Tree Phuket

Banyan Tree Phuket


Hotel and Resort Perks

At 5 Star luxury resort prices, it is all about the perks and package deals if you want to get the most for your money. Everyone has a little something special that they expect or anticipate from their vacation experience. You want to find a resort that offers you all you are wanting and so much more within the price you are willing to pay for those things. Some expect a spa package included in their resort reservations while other prefer complimentary scuba diving, golf, or snorkeling. At the other end some Phuket guesthouses come with a pool or Wifi and this may be the difference between a good holiday becoming great. Whatever your expectations may be you should find a Phuket Island Thailand resort that is willing to surpass those expectations.

Child Care on Phuket Island

If you are traveling with little ones you will also want to find a resort that offers activities to keep them happy and busy and possibly childcare so that you can have alone time with your partner at some point during the experience. These are the little details that you may not find in discount hotels but make all the difference in the world when selecting one Phuket Island resort over another. The Laguna Beach Resort is a great 5 star resort facility ideal for kids with a large play swimming area and the 3 star Merlin Beach Resort is on a beach close to Patong. Note; Thai people love kids and love to see them enjoying themselves so Phuket is very children friendly.

Service in Phuket

One thing that sets a resort apart from a hotel is the level of service expected and delivered. You need to find a Phuket Island Thailand resort that offers service that is second to none if you want to make your stay more than merely adequate and well on the way to exceptional. There are many 5 star resorts in the area that are beautifully decorated and adequately staffed to meet and exceed your expectations. Have a look at the 5 star Banyan Tree Phuket or 3 star Capri Hotel for good hotel resorts with service. Thai service is on the hole is very good as it is known as the smiling nation, a country where raised voices or unhappy faces is frowned upon.

When you find the Phuket Island Thailand resort that meets all your needs and more for a price you are more than happy to pay then you had best book fast and well ahead of time for your travels. Great resorts fill up fairly quickly so keep this in mind when planning your holiday travels.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012