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Some of the best memories of Phuket come from my stays at a Kata Beach Resort. Kata is the small and quiet tourist beach at the southern end of Phuket, far from all the noise of Patong and Karon. Nestled and surrounded by the southern tip of the 450 m high Phuket Highlands, the beachfront has a charming view out to the golden sunset surrounding Koh Pu (Krabi island), or inland, to the verdant mountain tops.

Andaman Cannacia Resort

Andaman Cannacia Resort


I think what most people like about Kata Beach is that it feels more Sabai, Sabai (Thai for 'laid back'), the epitome of what a tropical holiday is all about.

Searching for a Kata Beach Resort can take you from the 27 Euro a night Kata Minta, through to the popular 4 star Andaman Cannacia Resort at 65 Euro a night, all the way to the impressive 5 star and luxury Malisa Villas Suites at 205 Euro a night. There is a lot of choice on one of Phuket's favourite beaches.

Kata Beach Resort

A Kata Beach Resort at the budget level will not be on the beach itself but will be a little distance back from the sea front. However this location gives excellent value and the Kata Minta and the Kata Country House come with excellent reviews. I like the Kata Country House as a small resort. It has a homely feel, an inexpensive place to get a massage and is a spot-on resort to relax.

A mid-range 3 star Kata Beach Resort like the Sugar Palm Resort Kata Beach has very good reviews and has the feel of a more established hotel. It has a surprisingly value 39 Euro price tag. For this you get a Spa, Gym, Pool satellite TV and sauna. Think for a moment how these compare with the prices in Europe!

Luxury Kata Beach Resort

The luxury Kata Beach Resort I have a strong affection for is the 4 star Kata Thani Phuket Beach Resort. The Kata Thani Phuket Beach Resort is over the hill at Kata Noi Beach where it dominates a near perfect setting. Coconut trees sway in the light breezes settling a cooling shade over the 40 meter beachfront. Kata Noi Beach is separate from Kata Beach but has a connecting back village that gives the whole area a village character.

The 5 star Boathouse is a boutique beachfront resort on the southern end of Kata Beach with fine dining and one of Phuket's premier wine cellars. Here you can toast the sunset from the terrace bar or kick off your shoes and take a wonder along the beach.

Kata Beach Resort deals

Kata Beach Resort deals can be had if you know where to search, what room to take and when to visit. First you should check out the Phuket resort deals page on for any Free Night Specials, Fixed Night Promotions, Special Discounts, Early Bird Offers and Honeymoon offers offered by the resort. Then you can go to any resort fact sheet page and look for the Free Night Specials link on the top right navigation... in red. This will list any deal your resort might have as well as the Free Night deal from for any stays over 15 nights.

Secondly should will find a massive room rate difference between rooms with ocean views compared to garden or mountain views. If you are down by the pool or beach during most of the day where the room location is in within the resort can be less relevant.

Finally every Kata Beach Resort has savings to be made if you come out of peak season (20th December to 20th January), Chinese New Year and Thai New Year (13-15th April) as prices can be 20% more during these periods. If you can make it over the Kata in May July August and October (the low season) you will miss the worst of the monsoon months of June and September and find that the resorts are between 20-50 % cheaper in price.

If you are able to apply a deal, the right room, and the right season to the Kata Beach Resort stay you can drop the price of your accommodation by up to 60-80%.

I am recommending the 4 star Andaman Cannacia Resort as a resort of great value, views of the beach however not on the beachfront.

Kata Beach Resort information

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Last Updated: 18 Apr 2012