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If you are looking for Patong Deals you have come to the right place. Packaged hotel stays that focus on the hotel's need to get rid of rooms because the booking is early, late or in the quiet season will often get you excellent Patong deals but you need to know where to look to get these.

La Flora Resort Patong

La Flora Resort Patong


Patong Deals come in many formats but the biggest natural savings come by looking at the seasons. Patong hotel low season are 30% cheaper than the high season. This works for 5 star, 4 star and 3 star. The 2 star hostel, hotels, bungalows and resort can be even higher and as much as 55%. Low season is May until October 31st. In many of the years May and July 10th till August 20th have as good a weather pattern as high season so these dates are worth keeping an eye on.

Patong deals can be found at here. You have to define the month you are visiting and search though the differing hotels deal.

Luxury Patong hotel deals

Luxury Patong hotel deals can be found at the excellent La Flora Resort Patong, popular Novotel Phuket Resort and central Millennium Resort Patong Phuket. These top Patong resorts all offer something different but all take full advantage of the long stay deal. In this any hostel, hotel, resort in all of Thailand will have a stay 15 night pay for 14 policy. So if you are here for a whole this is a a great deal especially in low season. These luxury Patong hotel deals change all year round and alter every season.

Budget Patong hotel Deals

The budget hotels in Patong have a wider selection of deals as there are more of them and they have a greater competition. Patong hotel deals page sections the offers out into the following type of deals.

  • Free Night Special which mainly kick in from May to October. However newly completed hotels offer multiple deals all year round.
  • Fixed night promotions are similar to the Free Night promotions but the discount is based on a fixed percentage discount rather than days off.
  • Early Bird Offer gets you a discount for booking early the same way you get a cheaper price for a long haul flight if you book early.
  • Long Stay Deal as mentioned earlier you get a discount of one night stay on all Patong Resorts, Hotels, bungalows, hostels if you are staying 15 nights.
  • Further type of promotion on the website include.

  • Special Discounts which gets you a discount if you book within a certain time.
  • Honeymoon Package offers you the latest honeymoon packages.
  • These Patong hotel deals change over time and are continually being updated as the new offers from the hotel come in so it is worth checking here every couple of weeks to see what is changing and what money you can save.


    Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012