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There are few vacation spots that have more to offer tourists than Phuket Island Thailand. In fact, tourism has become big business in Phuket Island and many hotels, condos, and resorts have cropped up throughout this beautiful landscape in recent years. There are many wonderful 5 star Phuket Island Thailand resorts that have been built over the years to accommodate the needs of those who prefer more opulent surroundings while on holiday.

Indigo Pearl

Indigo Pearl


In addition to opulent surroundings, many 5 star Phuket Island Thailand resorts also offer some of the more in demand amenities such as facials and massages on site. If that isn't enough however, or you have very specific needs for your holiday stay there are many facilities that are not only resorts but also medical resorts. Medical tourism is a very popular practice in Thailand, on Phuket Island in particular as it gives patients a beautiful location in which to recover from their surgeries or treatments.

Staying at one of the many 5 star Phuket Island Thailand resorts is an experience in and of itself. Not only will you be impressed by the level of service but also you will find that the accommodations are second to none. You will experience better views than you will ever find in lesser hotels and the food and surroundings simply cannot be matched.

Dusit Laguna Phuket

Dusit Laguna Phuket at Bang Tao Beach is a perfect example of a wonderful 5 star Phuket resort that is sure to make your holiday in Phuket a delightful experience. This is by no means your average discount lodging. You will find beautifully decorated rooms and suites with stunning ocean views and service that exceeds anything you will find in lesser resorts. If you are looking for an experience rather than a simple holiday be sure to add a stay at the Dusit Laguna to your itinerary.

Indigo Pearl Resort

If you want the best of everything and are willing to pay the price you will definitely want to check out the Indigo Pearl Resort in Nai Yang Beach. A bright and shining star among 5 star Phuket Island Thailand resorts, this resort has stunning architecture, beautiful rooms, and the best amenities to be found on the island. Be sure to check this fabulously appointed resort out before booking your stay anywhere else.

Indigo Pearl 5 Star Phuket Island Resorts

There are many 5 star Phuket Island Thailand resorts from which to choose. These offer only a small taste of the many wonderful resorts that can be found in the area. Be sure to check out the many options available before settling on one over any other.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012