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If you have a wedding, a larger family group or a group of friends you will need Phuket group accommodation. This can often be a tricky process of getting people to commit to their hotel room requirements and the larger the group, often the more complicated.

Holiday Inn Resort Phuket

Holiday Inn Resort Phuket


The person organizing Phuket group accommodation will often have to deal with differing arrival and departure dates of the guests as well as hotel room make up. Some people will have work requirements that mean they have to leave early or maybe people have to cancel or amend their bookings because of unforeseen events. Either way the larger the group the more this is an issue.

The process of selecting the room type is often more straight forward. Couples need a twin, singles for a businessman, and travelling friends need double rooms or maybe need to get an extra bed organized. Some have differing budget and might need a superior room type and some might prefer an altogether different Phuket hotel from the main party.

Phuket Group Accommodation

The best first step in organizing the Phuket group accommodation is to get the right hotel or resort. This can easily be done on the Phuket Accommodation comparison page. This initial page gives you a long list of resorts, hotels and hostels which you can then filter down on the left hand navigation by price, star rating, location, beachfront resorts and spa facilities. You can also change the display process on the right hand side above the prices from list to show most expensive or least expensive first(high: low). Note results are shown sequentially. When you add one filter it changes the results, then you add a further filter to funnel down to what you require.

When you have your sights on the right budget location, finalizing the Phuket group accommodation becomes a matter of checking through the facilities and reviews of the Phuket hotel or resort fact sheets. This becomes a personal preference, though a wedding party looking for a wedding on the beach will need to know what the detail of the occasion planned and a business man organizing a meeting will need to know the event rooms facilities available.

Specific Hotels and resorts for your Phuket Group Accommodation

The Laguna hotels have excellent choice and provisions for family groups. The Laguna Beach Resort is good for families as it has excellent facilities for children. The Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort is a large hotel that has it's own beach, good security and privacy with good conference options. The Twinpalms Phuket offers exclusive executive options on Phuket's prime beach Surin. The Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa and Holiday Inn Resort Phuket offer good family accommodation on Patong beachfront while the Millennium Resort Patong Phuket is centred on the nightlife and shopping in Patong.

Phuket Group Accommodation Service offer the service of taking the many strains of working through the detail of the process by offering a service to coordinate with the hotel or resort so as the booking becomes more straight forward. works with you to book the hotel or resort. This can mean giving advice about the best facilities available for your group to optimize their stay in paradise. Please contact me Phil Russell; [email protected] for you personal assistant for your Phuket group accommodation booking.

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2012