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If you donít need anything too elaborate, finding the right Phuket Hostels Patong will gives you a chance to explore a fascinating island. If it is about budget then aiming for a Patong hostel is the smart way to get the deal that makes sense to you. The less money spent on sleeping gives more money to get out to the beach, meet the islanders and may be take in a tour.

Lamai Apartment

Lamai Apartment


There are many hostels in Patong as Patong is a large tourist beach destination in Phuket covering the 3 km wide and 1.5 km deep Patong Bay. As a rule, the Patong hostels nearer the coast, the more money you will expect to pay. However Patong Beach is dwarfed by the 660 meter high Patong Highland mountains and there are some great hostels to stay in on the foothills that have superb views and are great value.

The consideration, if you are going to take a hostel away from the beach, is how are you going to get in to the beach, the Patong nightlife during the day. This might mean you need to get a motor bike which will increase your daily budget.

Hostels in Patong

The hostels in Patong come in all shapes and sizes. Nearer the coast and nightlife area of Soi Bangla the hostels might be what are called Mansion style buildings. This style is like an apartment building with a small reception and maybe a pool. This is the local term for a hotel type place but with simple rooms. A very good example of this is the Apk Resort. Check out the keen prices and good value rooms for Patong hostels only 100 m from Soi Bangla.

Another style of hostels in Patong is the established accommodation and these places may have been in place since the 1980s. Some of these have great facilities and have good positions like the Expat Hotel which is 100 meters from Tai Pan Night club. The Expat is home to the Hash House Harriers in Phuket and a real meeting place for westerners.

Hostels Patong

More simple, further from the beach, but with better budget prices for the hostels in Patong, are places like the well-reviewed Lamai Apartment. The advantage with the Lamai Apartments is that the Patong beachfront is very intense tourist scene and being further back from the centre is more relaxing and feels like a getaway location. These hostels in Patong make more sense if you want a longer stay in paradise. You are also more in the Thai part of town which gives a more authentic experience and gets you to those authentic tastes if you love the traditional southern Thai curries.

Other Patong Hostels

Do it by map, use the technology! Go to the main Phuket Index page and click on the map top left. Zoom in and when you get to Patong and are close enough, the hostels, hotels and resorts are marked on the map. If you click on the purple icons for the 2 and 3 star you will get a picture, the starting price and links to the full hotel fact sheet. Very quickly you will get a sense of the geography and prices of Patong hostels and be able to make an educated decision on where you should stay.

Phuket Hostels Patong deals

Some of us want to reverse engineer the process and want to know the Phuket Hostels Patong deals first and then decide if the location is ok. Click on the Phuket deals page (Top of every page marked Specials) to see if there are any Free Night Special, Fixed night Promotions, Early Bird Offers. The Long stay deals are open to all hostels and hotels on the website for all of Thailand and get you one free night if you stay 15 nights. This is about a 6.7% saving.

Hostels Patong in low season

From May to October 31st and all Patong Hostels will have reduced rates. Prices vary but you can expect 25%-50% off high season rates so this is the crowning discount and well worth seeing if you can plan your trip around. The monsoon comes through Patong in June and September and these months will have rain 1.5-2 days in 3. In May and July / August you have some excellent weather and these months make great times to visit Patong.

See all Patong hostels and hotels here. Filter using the left navigation or simply hit the Sort hotels by price: high | low links over the top of the prices (on the right). Have a great time in Patong!

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012