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Your Phuket Hotel Booking availability can often be a process that leads to a back and forth between you and the hotel during the busy peaks seasons. The busy times are peak season (of course) 20th December till 20th January over Christmas and New Year, Chinese New Year (CNY), Thai New Year and the Chinese Vegetarian festival.

Holiday Inn Resort Phuket

Holiday Inn Resort Phuket


Although Phuket has 30,000 hotel rooms and an average 70% occupancy, those booking during peak times will often find many hotels full. If you are left in the uncertain position of booking late this problem is further compounded. It appears that all the good hotels with excellent locations on the beach are full.

Long haul flight passengers often book their flights months in advance of arrival and the large industry brokers hold large blocks of rooms making them unavailable to those who need to get their Phuket hotel book online. During these peak times the Phuket Hotel availability appears to drop to zero.

When you decided to book hotel in Phuket book early as possible and do your research. Check out all the Free Night Specials, Fixed Night Promotions, Special Discounts, Early Bird Offers Honeymoon offers and Long Stay deals on Phuket resort deals page, or search by beach, map location, price, star rating on the Phuket hotel comparison pages. Finally you can compare the hotel fact sheet pages with the hotel guest page, facilities versus feedback to get a good lock on the hotel you are researching.

Some hotels will spike the prices during the peak seasons and periods with hotels forcing guests to pay for their entertainments at the resorts on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve if they stay at the hotel. For this you will have to pay the price of around 2 nights for one for this celebration so it is worth checking out which hotels do not do this. The exclusive and luxury Phuket hotels like the Amanpuri and Banyan Tree Phuket do not do this but many do so be careful.

Chinese New Year (CNY) has particular trying Phuket Hotel Booking availability issues because the date changes every year so it is difficult to know whether you visit coincides with the present CNY dates. The date of the Chinese New Year (CNY) varies according to the full moon so it is in the range of January 21 and February 20th. For the next few years the dates are February 10, 2013/ January 31, 2014/ February 19, 2015/ February 8, 2016/January 28, 2017/February 16, 2018/February 5, 2019/ January 25, 2020. Expect large numbers of Chinese visitors during a 3-4 day period around the date and especially when it falls on a weekend and poor Phuket Hotel Booking availability.

Songkran or the water festival is the The Thai New Year and is based on the birth of Buddha over 2500 years ago, and goes on for a week around 13-15th April. Many Thais have the same feeling about this festival as Christians celebrate Christmas. The affluent and middle class Thais often go to the beaches of Phuket to celebrate so these dates often have availability issues.

The Phuket Chinese Vegetarian festival is based in Phuket town and takes places on the first days of the ninth Chinese lunar month, and for nine days, again, another variable date. Phuket town hotels are full unless booked early although there are plenty of hotels in Patong Phuket to take in the influx of mainly Chinese who come to support this festival.

Phuket Hotel Bookings Patong

It's another story altogether in Patong Beach. As the largest and busiest beach on Phuket it has a superb variety of resorts, hotels and hostels suited to people from all over the world. The sheer number of resorts, hotels and hostels means that this is often the last beach resort with availability. With over 5km of beach front looking out on to the Indian Ocean, a celebrated sunset and the Patong highlands soaring 600 meters above the beach you are sure to not be disappointed. On top of this Patong has one of Thailand's most electric nightlife scenes with cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and shows. So if availability forces you to stay at Patong count yourself lucky.

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The luxury resorts of note are the beachfront La Flora Resort Patong, Holiday Inn Resort Phuket and Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa and the 5 star Millennium Resort Patong Phuket is at the heart of Patong nightlife and shopping.

Last Updated: 23 Mar 2012