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It's one thing finding a Phuket hotel booking website but it is totally another thing finding the one you want. Of course it is about price for the Phuket accommodation you want but in this day and age, with so much smart web designer application for customers’ needs and desires, it is also a lot, lot more

Salathai Resort

Salathai Resort


The Phuket hotel booking website focuses on price. At the end of the day you need a good Phuket hotel deal to make the comparison process worthwhile or you might as well be searching by hotel website. offers an effective hotel comparison page allowing you to filter your Phuket hotel results by star rating, price, beach location, beachfront location, and spa facilities. As you keep on adding these filters, the number of hotels left is reduced to the ones you really want to look at. Very quickly you have the first step in choosing the right place for you. This clear and simple process is often enough of a reason for making a first choice for Phuket hotel booking.

Phuket hot deals

On top of this the website has a whole page given over to Phuket resort deals showing the Free Night Specials, Fixed Night Promotions, Special Discounts, Early Bird Offers and Honeymoon offers. Every Phuket hotel has at least the Long Stay special that guarantees one night free for all those who stay more than 15 nights. In addition it has articles like Phuket hot deals and the beach specific Patong Deals to explain how to get the best out of these pages. As you go through these for a couple of hotels you realize there are ways to save 15%-30% and some times as much as 45% of the normal rates.

Phuket hotel booking guarantee

The guarantees that there are no booking fees, VAT or government taxes added on during the booking process. This means that the prices seen on the entry pages will be the same price shown on the final, final quote. This is explained more thoroughly here at the Phuket Hotels Resorts with no booking fee. In addition to this, most of the hotels and resort in Thailand come with the price including breakfast so the prices given are at a B + B rate.

No availability at your Phuket hotel

Some of the best Phuket Hotels and Phuket resorts get booked up well in advance and that good tip, or inspiring Phuket hotel review comes to nothing as the rooms are full. In this case, automatically will offer up hotels and resorts that are similar by star rating, price, beach location, beachfront location, and spa facilities so you will be quickly on your way to find a replacement. diversity

The diversity of the Phuket hotels on is another bonus to the online booker. Most Phuket hotel booking just use wholesalers to fix a price for their hotel rooms but as is based on Phuket it is able to use these great rates but also offer individual deals from the hotels as well. Furthermore, hotelATM works with a large number of local hotels that do not subscribe to the mass marketing approach of the wholesaler or global distribution services. These unique properties offer great experiences as often they represent an authentic Thailand far from the process of brands and slick presentation. That is not to say that these properties don't have excellent service and comfortable rooms, but their individualism make for distinctive memories and they do appeal to certain segments of the market.

Interesting Phuket Hotels

Patong's 5 star La Flora Resort Patong right on the beach and the 4 star Salathai Resort actually on the night life street of Soi Bangla, have a good position and fun ambiance. These small boutique Phuket hotels are both close the centre of the Patong beach and the eclectic mix of people from all over the world make these central hotels ideal for those who want to be on the island's pulse.

The The Surin Phuket and Twinpalms Phuket hold sway over Surin beach, well known amongst those who prefer the quiet lifestyle and are happy with the endless tropical views of the Indian Ocean, a relaxing spa treatment, a game of golf and maybe a tour out to Phang Nga Bay.

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2012