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Surin Resorts are often a cut above all others on Phuket Thailand. Surin Beach has the premier address on Phuket and so it is no surprise that the Surin Resorts epitome luxury and a lifestyle the envy of the rest of the island.

Twinpalms Phuket

Twinpalms Phuket


Surin Beach is just 15-20 minutes from Phuket International Airport which enjoys 12 flights a day down from Bangkok in the high season (9 a day in the low season May till October 31st). The beach itself is 250 meter long with a steeply terraced mountain slope covered with a rubber and coconut plantation. The traditional fishing village is mainly occupies the land 200 meters back from the beachfront so the beach is free from any clutter. The natural open a market works on the green most days down by the beach.

Surin Resorts became the by word for luxury and 5 star elegance when the Amanpuri started up on the northern promontory of Surin Beach. The Amanpuri reviews define Surin beach as the place to go for a quiet understated get away in the tropics with an eye for detail, a place for a discerning traveller.

Surin Resort Phuket

As the beach is relatively small there are not many Surin Resorts but places like the The Surin Phuket and Twinpalms Phuket enjoy beautiful views over the Indian Ocean.

Surin Beach weather

The best weather in Surin is typical of the west coast of Phuket. The long dry high season months of November till April you have a north easterly wind, ensuring very little waves. This is a great time to swim in the sea. The coastline does shelve very quickly so care needs to be taken if you are taking children on to the beach. In the low season the red flags are up almost the entire time so pool swimming is highly recommended. From May to October the 31st westerly winds mean that the beach is not safe for swimming.

Surin Resort deals

The best Surin Resort deals can be found on the Phuket resort deals page. Here you will find a list of Free Night Specials, Fixed Night Promotions, Special Discounts, Early Bird Offers Honeymoon offers. In addition, though not conjunction with the above deals, the offers a Long Stay Deal where you get one night free if you book 15 nights.

The cheapest time of year by as much as 40%, is the May till October 31st period and even though this is the 'low season', May July and August miss the monsoons months proper of June and September and have some excellent value.

One final thought about the luxury Surin Resorts is that excellent hotels have the same finish in all room types so there are some great deals by shopping around for the best room type within a resort. Sometimes it is better to have a suite room than getting a double and a twin room for a family of 4.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012