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4 More Reasons To Go To Phuket

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Perhaps after reading the Top 5 Water Activities on Phuket you are excited to visit the island, but were curious if there were any other things to see or know about. Well, actually, there are and the following four is the cream of the crop.

Phuket Island's Famous Cabaret

Since opening it's doors in October 18. 1991 the Phuket Island Simon Cabaret has been the market leader of extraordinary entertainment. The Simon Cabaret is an exciting place to behold, with it's overtly lavish and intimate theatre that comes with a high-tech sound. The transvestite performers are quite amazing to behold, and the entertainment value you will receive is out of this world. In my humble opinion, the Simon Cabaret is a must see attraction.

Phuket Island's Aquarium and Butterfly Gardens

For an unforgettable experience, visit the Phuket Island Butterfly Garden & Aquarium, which is located just 3 kilometers from Phuket Town. Once you enter the Garden, you will find yourself surrounded by hundreds of exotic tropical butterflies, all flying freely in the domed area. You will also find lavish plant life growing inside, which provides a natural habitat to some amazing insects you would not likely be able to see on your own all in one location.

At Cape Panwa, there is the Phuket Aquarium, which re-opened after extensive renovations. It sports an underwater tunnel from which you can see Leopard Sharks and rays glide overhead. Here are also the small sea turtles kept until they are ready for release, as well as injured individuals that got caught in fishing nets.

Finally, there are the watercourses and ponds, which are home to exotic, tropical fish. Quite a lot to learn and enjoy at this attraction, and fun for the whole family.

Phuket Island's Famous Patong Beach

Do you like the nightlife? Feel the need to 'boogie'? If so, then Phuket Island's Patong Beach is the place to be. Known by many as the illustrious beach resort for Phuket Island, you will find Patong offers a wide variety of fun activities and a bustling nightlife where you can play and party as much as you want. At the Patong Beach you will find hundreds of places to either eat, dance, or just mingle with other holiday goers or even some of the friendly locals.

Phuket Island's National Parks

I leave you with the Phuket Island's Khao Phra Thaeo National Park. This park offers you the unique opportunity to walk around and take in the amazing views that make up a tropical rain forest. Holding the last virgin part of Phuket Island's rain forest, the park is situated on the north side of the island. Phuket Island's National Park is a great place to find stunning waterfalls, and found hiding within it's confines is the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre that is working hard to rehabilitate the abandoned pet gibbons back to the wild where they may live a happy and fulfilled life.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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