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Football is a national pastime in some parts of the world. While it isn't quite a national pastime in Thailand it does play an important social, cultural, and financial role in life throughout Thailand. Football in Phuket Island Thailand is important for the sports bars that show the games and the betting parlors (though not exactly legal) that take bets on their outcomes as well as a few other businesses in between.

Unfortunately, football in Phuket Island Thailand doesn't have the same level of importance that it has in many parts of Europe. This means that you may not find every bar in town with the game on though I'm sure you can find a few that will turn the game on upon request. It simply isn't as prevalent with so many other activities to pass the time.

If you are interested in football in Phuket Island Thailand there are local leagues that play. This sport is particularly popular among the younger generations rather than the older generations. In time there will probably be a much larger presence for this sport. For the time being, however, football in Phuket Island Thailand isn't on the minds of most locals as much as it is on the mind of tourists.

Your best odds of playing football in Phuket Island Thailand are to find matches going on along the beaches among the tourists, who are often rabid fans of football and enjoy very much the opportunity to play a game of pickup football whenever the mood arises and a ball can be found. If you want to name the terms of your impromptu football game it is best to bring along your own ball or, of course, you can sit back and watch as others play a game. While this may not be as exciting as watching your favorite team on the pitch it still has its advantages because you won't have to go the length of your holiday without enjoying the game you love so much.

While a great game of football in Phuket Island Thailand isn't out of the question it isn't exactly likely unless you are going to watch at a local sports bar or in your room. Don't give up all together but I wouldn't plan my holiday to Phuket Island during the World Cup either.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010