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If you have a passion for golf, then you need to golf on Phuket Island. Few golf courses can rival the indescribable experience of playing golf against the backdrop of gorgeous white beaches, swaying palms, azure waters and ocean mists. A golf vacation at Phuket Island adds a whole new and exciting twist to golfing as you know it.

The great selection of pristine golf courses and golf resorts at this Asian tropical paradise have earned Phuket Island renown within the world's golf circles. You will find some of Asia's most scenic golf courses at this picturesque Island, with breathtaking views from each one of the golfing grounds. What's more, Phuket Island's golf courses are beautifully manicured and meticulously maintained all year round.

Once you see all the different courses Phuket Island has to offer, choosing which one to play next will be challenging. Be sure to find a golf course that is near some of Phuket Island's other great attractions that you would like to visit on your Phuket golf vacation. For the casual golfer, the conveniently located golf courses make it a breeze to fit in a game or two in your itinerary

One of the unique delights of golfing on Phuket Island is your caddy. Your golf package comes complete with the service of a charming lady caddy, with a ready smile and tips on how to best play the course. She will lug your clubs, mark your balls and may even read your putts. The charge for the caddy service is included in the green fee. However, a tip for the caddy is customary at the end of your golf game.

You will have the choice of walking, for those who want the exercise, or you can hire a buggy.

At Phuket Island, you can enjoy endless rounds of golf at any one of Phuket Island's world-class golf courses with no requirement of a club membership or even a handicap certificate. This means that any golfer, from the novice to the professional, can play on any golfing grounds they choose. Do keep in mind that there is a soft spike policy at all Phuket Island's golf courses: no metal spikes are allowed.

Phuket Island has earned its place as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. Well, it is also one of the best golfing vacation spots Asia has to offer! Whatever type of golfer you are, Phuket Island golfing is a great way to experience it.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010