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There is something for everyone on Phuket Island. No matter if your pastime of choice is swimming, scuba diving, golfing, cricket, or anything else. Vacationers can enjoy any type of activity and the amenities for tennis players are no exception. Just about every resort on Phuket Island offers tennis courts complete with equipment rental to meet the needs of their guests. Casual tennis players can enjoy these relaxed courts in a lush tropical setting or avid tennis players can take advantage of Phuket Island's larger selection of advanced tennis facilities.

There are a few premier tennis facilities on Phuket Island for serious tennis players, and if tennis is your favorite activity, you will be able to find the facility for you. Among the tennis facilities on Phuket Island are The Nash Tennis Academy and Tennis Plus, both conveniently located on Phuket Island in the lush tropical surroundings.

The Nash Tennis Academy offers tennis players coaching, training programs, and tournaments during their stay. The head of The Nash Tennis Academy, Nash Ladha, is a US and Canada certified tennis professional and has been a major force in developing tennis programs around the world since 1991. The Nash Tennis academy invites tennis players visiting Phuket Island to come and play at the academy and be coached by the best. The Nash Tennis Academy has a variety of training programs and courses for tennis players of all levels from beginner to professional. Visitors can join in group, semi-private, and private lessons during their stay. There are even junior lessons for young tennis players who want to experience the excellence of the Nash Tennis Academy.

The Tennis-plus school is located in the heart of Phuket Island and is only 20 minutes away from Phuket Airport. Tennis-plus offers accommodations and amenities for all tennis players who want to vacation on Phuket Island from simple dormitory style rooms for the weekend tennis player to five star hotels and everything in between. Tennis-plus also offers guests fine dining and an array of tennis programs to suit the needs of every type of tennis player. You can participate in beginner to advanced clinics, family tennis, round robins, find a sparring partner or get private lessons. If you are a tennis player Tennis-plus is the destination on Phuket Island for you.

With all the excellent tennis facilities on Phuket Island, it is no wonder that so many tennis players are attracted to the tropical destination. There is nowhere else in the world where can you find great tennis coupled with tropical beaches, endless entertainment, and beautiful scenery.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010