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Phuket Hash House Harriers is part running, part drinking group of people that brings together a glorious miss-match of personalities 7 times a month. On a Hash House Harriers day you meet up and are then called together and introduced by the Grand Master to the 'hare' of the day and then set off to follow the paper..

There Phuket Hash House Harriers follows 'dobbs' of one inch square paper (that rots away in 5-6 weeks) which are left every 8-10 metres along the route. Hash House Harriers is a 'snakes and ladders' type running /walking/ sleuthing course where the 'hare' (the person who makes the course) attempts to slow down the fast runners with checks and help the walkers with clever short cuts. The idea of the 'hare' is to get most of the runners back to the start at a similar time. The other key rules revolve around the idea that there are no rules and so hashing appeals to those who enjoy the spontaneous.

When everybody is back at the start point, Phuket Hash House Harriers forms a circle and the Grand Master goes through any misdemeanours committed during the run or since the last run. All miscreants or victims are asked to drink a glass or 2 or beer in lieu of their punishment to the sound of the hash chorus singing 'Here's to the 'NAME' they're to blue, He's a hasher through and through...etc. etc.'

Phuket Hash House Harriers Saturday Run

The main and original Phuket Hash House Harriers run is on Saturday at 4pm. This can have over 100 people joining in and is the one most-popular for visiting hashers. As with all the Hash in Phuket, a bus will go from the Expat Bar at the Expat Hotel in Patong just 100 meters from Soi Bangla. To get the bus, be at the Expat Bar at 14.30. To help the circle last about an hour, the grand master will call in a steward to entertain. The steward's job is to call more people in for run offenses, tell jokes or just pick on anyone he/she sees fit. With a truck loaded up with beer and the 'Pigmies' on hand to serve, the afternoon carries along with great verve.

Pooying Phuket Hash House Harriers

Phuket Hash House Harriers Pooying run is organized by the ladies and is a gentle affair on every 3rd Sunday of the month. Runners are asked to bring along some food that everybody shares in a buffet style. The trails are gentle.

Kamala Koma Phuket Hash House Harriers

The Kamala Koma runs every last Tuesday in the month and whereas all circles are standing, a fixed number of chairs are brought along so as to enjoy the larger than normal beers punishments in style. This is more of a social than a hard run and can have unusual aspects to the run adventure like kayak across estuaries or ice cream stops.


The Tinmen is Phuket Hash House Harriers all male hash that happens on the first Wednesday of the month. The run is over 2 legs with a drink stop in-between and is quite different to the Saturday Hash as it is an A to B to C hash i.e. it doesn’t return to the same spot. Songtail buses and trucks move everybody around. The other part of the format is that there are 2 circles, one at the end of the run and one at the restaurant after meal. The trails are long, the drinking more lengthy.

Iron Pussy Phuket Hash House Harriers

The Iron Pussy run is Phuket Hash House Harriers all female run and as I am a bloke know very little of the internal workings. It is an A to A route, i.e. returns to the circle it starts from. It happens on the second Wednesday of the month.

Phuket Mountain Bike Hash

The Phuket Mountain Bike Hash has a strong following amongst those who don’t fall off bikes easily and runs on one of the last Sundays of the month. The great advantage of the bike hash is that you can cover more of the glorious countryside in an afternoon.

Phuket Hash House Harriers Information

There are 2 more hashes associated with Phuket, the PISH and the Maraud and these are invite only. If you turn up to Phuket wanting to Hash check out the website for all the information needed. If you are looking for a place to stay please feel free to check out Phuket or Patong Hotels Also see the Apk Resort And Spa is great value from 700THB a night near the end of Soi Bangla.

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