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Phuket Island Jungle Safari

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With elephants and rain forests both endangered what better way to experience the thrill of a life time than with a jungle safari on the back of an elephant through the rain forest? Phuket Island has one of the most beautiful rain forests in the world. Visitors have the ability to schedule a tour which includes an elephant trek through the rain forest. There is also a canoe ride down the Sok River.

This is perfect for the family to spend a quality day together learning the beauty and splendor Phuket Island has to offer. This adventure on Phuket Island can be both fun and educational.

All along the trail as you go through the jungle you will be able to see the natural wildlife and vegetation which makes Phuket Island so beautiful. The elephants will amaze you with how graceful they are while they trek the steep trails. You will be surrounded by the gorgeous mountains throughout the trail.

The jungle safari starts out with the guides picking you up at your hotel. The drive to the your destination is filled with wonderful sights of the local villages and rubber tree plantations. You will be graced with views of Limestone Mountain. The area was at one time an ancient trade route between China and India. Once you reach the Sok River, expert guides will paddle inflatable canoes between the mountains pointing out the wildlife along the way. Exotic birds and wild monkeys call this area their home.

Visitors are served lunch which consists of traditional Thai cuisine. The food is prepared fresh and is not too spicy. It is served buffet style. After lunch the real adventure begins. There is a visit to an elephant camp.

Siam Safari elephant camp welcomes guests with all sorts of information on elephants. Visitors can learn about elephant conservation. There are conservation projects going on in Phuket and guests can learn all about these projects. Once visitors have had a chance to learn about the elephants, a trek up the trail through the rain forest begins. It is a quiet time of relaxation taking in the sights and sounds of the rain forest.

The tour guides of the jungle safari do ask that guest please wear non-skid shoes. It is suggested that you may want to bring a change of clothing in case you happen to get wet. Definitely do not forget the camera. Should you choose to swim in the Sok River, it is advisable to bring a towel and proper swimming attire. Local weather conditions do dictate the itinerary of the jungle safari.

The jungle safari in Phuket is an experience everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

Last Updated: 17 Oct 2011