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Phuket Island is a popular vacation destination for many reasons. Besides the tropical beauty and sprawling sandy beaches, Phuket Island also has every imaginable activity available including a variety of sports. From quiet and relaxing sports such as fishing and golf, to the most exhilarating sports like rock climbing and bungee jumping, Phuket Island has something for everyone.

If you want to relax on your vacation to Phuket Island, golf and fishing are the sports for you. Phuket Island is known for its excellent golf courses and resorts so no matter if you are a beginner of advanced player there is a course for you. There are many golf courses to choose form including the famous Blue Canyon and Red mountain courses. The hardest thing about your golf game while on Phuket Island is picking which spectacular course to play on.

If golf is not your sport, you can enjoy fishing from the shore or one of the many charter boats from Phuket Island. You can choose from hourly, half day, full day, and nighttime deep sea fishing trips. You can find charter boats from every port around Phuket Island and while on the sea, you can also enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling.

If you like the water but like more fast-paced sports, Phuket Island has plenty of water sports for you. You can choose from water skiing, wind surfing, ocean kayaking jet skis and more. Every beach around Phuket Island has some type of sport rentals so participating in your favorite activity is as easy as walking down to the nearest beach.

There are also plenty of non-water sports as well. While on Phuket Island you can go mountain biking and bungee jumping as well. There are many roads that wind around the lush tropical mountains along scenic hilltops and down the coastline. Many hotels provide mountain bikes for their guests to go exploring with, or you can rent one and take a guided tour from on of the many facilities around Phuket Island.

If you want more excitement than biking has to offer, then you can take a trip to the Jungle Bunge Jump just outside of Patong beach. Bungee jumping is one of the mort exciting sports there is and the Jungle Bunge Jump on Phuket Island is the only licensed and insured bungee jump facility in Thailand. Situated over a beautiful pond that was once a tin mine, the Jungle Bungee Jump is a safe place to enjoy this exciting sport while on Phuket Island.

No matter what type of sports you like, Phuket Island has something that you will enjoy. If you want to relax with a club or a pole, play in the water of bike inland, Phuket Island is great place to do it all.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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