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Jet Ski transported on Kata Beach road

There's been a lot of different opinions on Jet Ski's and I think it's fair to say they've received some bad press over the years. No matter what your personal experience with Phuket jet skis , you have to agree that the old saying that "there's no smoke without fire".

The most talked about scam regarding Jet Ski's is the old "you broke it you fix it" where on returning back to the beach a "new" scratch, dent or other damage has appeared which you are then pressured into paying the repairs for. This seems to happen especially on Patong Beach.

Playing devils advocate, it's not uncommon for riders to zoom outside the agreed zone, out of sight of the jet ski owners or into dangerous areas of shallow reefs and submerged rocky outcrops or busy routes frequented by other boats such as long-tails. Then they circle moored boats in the bay without knowledge of mooring buoys or anchor lines and even less knowledge of the where other jet ski riders are. Taking all things into consideration and the cost involved in repairing a jet ski that there's a standard policy of if you break it to pay to get it fixed.

Having said that there's always a few bad apples in any barrel and they always seem to attract the lions share of the media attention.

What you should do to protect yourself against Jet Ski Scams

  1. Ask at your hotel / resort if they can recommend anyone reliable.
  2. Watch the jet ski's go out and come in, how much time to they spend on instruction and how they treat the people as they return.
  3. Take pictures of the jet ski before you take it out. Top, Front, Sides & Rear. If there is already some damage on the jet-ski already be sure to take extra photo's of that area.
  4. NEVER give your drivers license or passport.
  5. NEVER ride Jet Ski when you have been drinking or drunk.
  6. Finally if you're not 100% comfortable with the staff or the Jet Ski you should walk away and maybe go for a swim instead (which is safer and free).

The list sounds quite paranoid, and it's an awful lot of trouble to go to just for a 15/30 minute jet ski ride, but if you really want to rent one, go for it, but follow the advice above and be careful.

The bottom line – I've never personally met anyone who has been scammed in this way, nor have I ever seen anyone having trouble with jet skis while I've been on any of the beaches in Phuket. But I have read the blogs and reviews and the famous you tube footage.

Would I personally hire a Jet Ski in Phuket? Probably not. I would if I was comfortable with the staff and they had been recommended to me (but even then I'd still take pictures). Unfortunately many of the Jet Ski guys in Phuket don't naturally instil confidence or trust, so natural instincts to not get involved would keep me happily just swimming in the sea.

Last Updated: 31 May 2012