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Phuket Activities | Phuket Island wave action and surfing seasons

Surfing is becoming more and more popular in Phuket, although you're not going to be dropping into any tubes. The swell that generates Phuket's surf conditions come from the Indian ocean bypassing the tip of Sumatra (Indonesia).

Phuket Surfing Seasons

During April to September as the monsoons head further north the surf in Phuket becomes much bigger, as do the winds.

October to March isn't a big time of year for surfing in Phuket although there are always the odd exception. There might be a 20% chance of surfable waves during October but as you move into November through to Feb and March your surfing chances are slim to none.

Phuket is popular for new surfers who want to enjoy all the other attractions on offer, experienced surfers on honeymoon or on holiday with their family. Phuket has something to offer and entertain everyone, even surf if you pick your times right.

Types of surf conditions you can find on Phuket

Beach Break - The beach break is where the waves break on the sandy seabed. This type of wave is the best to start surfing on. Best beach break in Phuket is probably Kata Beach.

Point Break - The Swayze / Reeves movie "Point Break" was named after this type of wave! The point break is a wave that breaks onto a rocky point. While you won't find conditions like Bells Beach here in Phuket there is a point break at Kamala Beach for the more advanced surfers.

Reef Break - The reef break is a wave that breaks over a coral reef or a rocky seabed. These waves can be unforgiving if you happen to wipe out badly, but they can often be the most rewarding in their perfection. The best Reef Break in Phuket can be found at Kalim Beach.

Phuket surfing sites

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Last Updated: 18 Oct 2011