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Thai boxing is considered one of the most popular and exciting sports on Phuket Island, Thailand. Thai boxing consists of a martial art style fighting. Punches, lethal kicks, and drama. Thai boxing actually takes place in the Phuket boxing stadium on Phuket Island, Thailand. Although for tourists, some nightly Thai boxing displays are carried out in specially built stadiums along the beach.

The training of a Thai boxer as to the western style boxer is much different. The relationship between the teacher and the boxer is more like a ritual. The sport on Phuket Island, Thailand is intense, therefore training is very disciplined.

Before Thai boxing even begins, a special pre-fight dance is performed. During this dance the Thai boxer wears a head- band given to them by their teacher or trainer. It is considered sacred, earned after many years of being dedicated to the art.

Each boxer kneels three times, showing respect to his teacher. On Phuket Island, Thailand, the Thai boxing event consists of five rounds of three minutes each.

Music is played in the background as the boxers battle it out. Any part of the body is considered a target, the only part of the body the boxer can not use to strike his opponent is his head.

The sport of Thai boxing on Phuket Island, Thailand, began in the 15th century. Locals will tell you the first Thai boxing match on the island was not for sport, instead it was a wager for freedom instead.

Today, Thai boxing as a sport is exciting to those who visit Phuket Island, Thailand. The music in the background and the frenzy of betting around the stadium, only adds anticipation and excitement to Thai boxing.

Thai boxing has also been reformed. With some rules and regulations now being enforced. Due to the fact that in years past on Phuket Island, Thailand when a Thai boxing match would take place; a boxer would wrap his fist with horse hide trimmed with material that had been soaked in glue and broken glass. Major changes were initiated towards making Thai boxing safer with less injuries.

Last Updated: 17 Oct 2011