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Some of holiday makers best memories stem from the Phuket tours they experience. Whether they are sightseeing, fun packed or adventure ridden tours takes you out of your resort environment and puts you somewhere new, a further opportunity to meet the local people and see something different.

Phuket tours are world renown. The choice of activities to do on and off the island and from Phuket are amazing and mirror your highest expectations for such a well-known tourist destination.

Phuket tours on the island include elephant safaris on the rubber tree highlands of the island, sightseeing tours of old Phuket Town, sunset tours to the Promthep cape or just a simple beach hopping tour of the west coast. These traditional Phuket tours offer a view of the island rich in history local colour and natural beauty.

Phuket tours

The most high profile Phuket tours take you to the islands close by. The Coral Island tour takes you just 15 minutes off the island to a low lying jungle covered setting where you can swim snorkel and laze on the beach. This is ideal for short trip off Phuket island. The more dramatic Phuket Phi Phi Tour leaving from from Phuket town takes you to one of Thailand’s most renown islands. Koh Phi Phi captures the imagination of all those who travel there. The grand views of the cliff scenery, the aqua marine seas teaming with life and the golden beaches saturate the senses, it really is difficult to take it all in.

Phuket tours- June Bahtra tour

The Phuket Phi Phi tour can also be done by speedboat. The Phuket Phi Phi Speedboat Tour is a rush of adrenaline, an adventure to one of the world's unique destinations. With the speedboat, you can get to the islands quicker and spend more time on the hidden beaches, snorkel the quiet reefs and visit 'The Beach', the place where Leonardo Di Caprio shot his famous movie.

Another one from the top 10 Phuket tours is the Magical Phang Nga Bay Cruise June Bahtra. Taking an old converted rice Junk you sail up the Phang Nga Bay to visit an eerie and remote collection of islands and river deltas. The awesome panoramas, the white, grey and copper streaked limestone cliffs are the continual setting for your adventure. A day being sailed around in style can be a crowning day to make your Phuket time highly memorable.

There are too many tours to mention in this brief article. Suffice to say that the list of tours such as Nature Tours On Phuket Island [Elephant Trek], 3 in 1 Safari Tour, Hornbill Island or Sunset Paddle, Phuket Island Discovery, 1 Day Jungle Safari - Khao Sok, 2 in 1 rafting Safari Adventure, Full Day Rafting Safari Adventure, Pegasus Canoe Tour, Sunset Cruise of Phang Nga Bay-June Bahtra, can be found at the all-encompassing Phuket tours page.

Last Updated: 22 Mar 2012