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The Kata beach is a very popular surfing destination in Phuket and it is also the place that hosts the yearly surfing contest. The southern side of the Kata Beach is a place that provides a wonderful surfing experience and hence is often a crowd puller. The environment here is great filled with the Thai hospitality and international standard equipments and offerings, mostly the board riders enjoy a volley after a day enjoying the waves and also a surfer's bar exists in the vicinity.

A separate provision is made for the audience who want to see and experience the surfers pull of astonishing tricks. At times though the waves can be quite challenging but they are never threatening for a surfer, over all the beach is a great host to the surfers from across the globe.

Details: Breeze sways from southwest to northeast and the waves are generally a couple of metres high.

Kalim Beach Surfing

When most of the beaches in Phuket seem to be too difficult or unaccessible, many surfers prefer to move to Kalim beach for the very fact that it is generally not affected by swell. If the weather is not that favourable the water does hot the inner lands as well, with nearly 100 metres long wave rides, the beach is a really busy one.

Details: The wind movements are generally southeast to northeast along with waves being three metres high.

Kata Noi Beach

Thee surfer type location is towards the northern end but over all does offer a good surfing experience.

Details: Movement of the wind is from the southeastern direction to northeastern with swell up to a couple of metres..

Nai Harn Beach Surfing

Towards the southern end, the presence of a sand back is often able to provide rapid waves and the location is highly popular among the professionals.

Details: The winds are not specific in direction with big waves.

Patong Beach Surfing

The most apt place to surf on the beach is towards the northern end with consistent and small waves.

Details: Breeze sways and accompanies by one and a half metre waves.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010