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Top 3 Fishing Grounds around Phuket

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Some of the earth's most sought-after game fish can be found just off the shores of Phuket Island, Thailand - the Black Marlin, King Mackerel, Barracuda, Shark, Queenfish, Sailfish, Wahoo, Cobia, among several other species. They inhabit the numerous fishing grounds that surround Phuket Island, and each of these sites has its own unique attractions.

The nearby Racha Islands are a relaxing holiday spot where one can relax on a fishing trip. For the people looking at a little more excitement, there are the Similian islands and then there's the pure adventure of fishing the waters of the unexplored Andaman Islands.

Racha Islands

Just next to Phuket is a set of gorgeous islands called the Racha islands or Raya islands. These twin islands remain untouched by modern civilization. The Racha Noi is practically uninhabited, except for some local fishermen who use this island as a stopover for food. The modern world has encroached on Racha Yai, with a single luxury resort and a limited number of people have taken up residence here. This unspoilt natural retreat is ideal if you are looking for a tranquil fishing trip. The islands are also a host to a large variety of fish: Billfish, Sailfish, Dog tooth and other tuna varieties are all very commonly found in specific seasons throughout the year.

The Similan Islands

These are a group of nine islands that are located in the Andaman Sea. Blessed with a natural scenic beauty and teeming, fish-rich waters, the Similian Islands are an angler's dream-come-true. Almost every species that swims the Andaman Sea can be found at these fishing grounds.

The Similan Islands offer worldclass fishing grounds with wahoo, giant trevally, sailfish, tenggiri and dog-tooth tuna. To protect the Islands' delicate coral reefs, there is a 5km restricted zone where fishing is prohibited

To truly take advantage of all the fishing action, from trolling to bottom fishing, an overnight liveaboard trip is highly recommended. For great deep sea fishing, sail out another 25 km west of the Similan Islands to Thonmai, a great spot for black marlin fishing.

The Andaman Islands

Fishing at the Andaman Islands is for the die-hard angler. This isolated group of 329 islands, about 650km from Phuket Island, offers the most exciting and challenging fishing action in Asia. They are virtually uninhabited, but for a handful of tribal settlements. The islands' fishing grounds are also largely unexploited, giving its abundant marine life the opportunity to thrive in huge numbers and sizes.

Marlin, sailfish, dog-tooth tuna, broadbill swordfish, massive and giant trevally - are the main fishing attractions at the Andaman Islands.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010