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Kayaking daytrip group in Phang Nga Bay

Phuket has earned renown among the world's divers for its fantastic underwater excursions, which cater to the novice and the experienced snorkeler alike. Other water sports like sea canoeing and game fishing await you here in Phuket.

Go Snorkeling off the Shores of Phi Phi Islands

The famous Phi Phi islands are the best spot for snorkeling, with exquisite coral gardens at very shallow depths. You do not need a license to snorkel, so even novice beginners can get to explore this exquisite underwater world.

Go Sea canoeing at Phang Nga Bay

Explore one of Puket Island's most unique and fascinating natural wonders - the limestone "hongs" (inland cave systems) of Phang Nga Bay. Tucked away under towering karsts, these natural scapes can only be accessed by inflatable, purpose-designed paddleboat and the tide has to be timed just right. Phang Nga Bay is located just an hour's drive north of Phuket airport, and offers daily sea canoe day trips led by an experienced tour guide.

Go Game Fishing at Racha Noi and Racha Yai

Whether you are beginner or an experienced angler, PI offers incredible fishing grounds. The surrounding waters of the Andaman Sea are teeming with a whole array of big game fish such as Marlin, Reef Sharks, King Mackerel, Sailfish, Dorado Wahoo and lots more.

From deep blue water trolling and shark fishing to night-time bottom fishing, you can successfully indulge in almost any blue water fishing techniques you desire

World Class Scuba Diving at the Similan Islands

The waters around the Similan Islands, just south of Phuket, offer a diver's dream-come-true. You have incredible underwater visibility at depths of up to 30 meters, and coral reefs can be found pretty close to the shores. What's more, with the warm water temperature, you do not need a wet suit You will be guided on your diving day trip by experienced divemasters, and boats outfitted with safety equipment

Charter a speedboat and Go Island Hopping

Hire a speed boat and crew and discover the unspoilt beauty of Phuket's offshore islands. Leave the crowds behind and take a trip to James Bond Island, visit Krabi's national park, snorkel the reefs of Coral Island, or bask on the spectacular white beaches of Raya Island. This is an especially fun and cost-effective activity for friends and family to share.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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Approaching Phang Nga Bay for a kayaking daytrip from Phuket
Island and limestone cliff scenery in Phang Nga Bay
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Kayaking daytrip group in Phang Nga Bay