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Restaurants On Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Bay is the home of the Laguna area, which houses several world-class resorts along its 8 kilometer stretch. This area is a world all to itself, with hotels, apartments, a shopping center, and lagoons all focused on the luxury traveler. The Laguna area is designed for the vacationer who wants a five star experience, without having to travel around too much.

Bang Tao Beach close to the Laguna hotels caters to the vacationer with discriminating tastes. There you can windsurf, rent watercraft, rock climb, or lay on the beach in peace. If you get tired of these activities you can take a break on the nearby Banyan Tree Golf Course at the Banyan Tree Phuket.

The area around Bangtao is growing rapidly, with more high quality resorts and amenities dedicated to your delight. Things can be a bit on the expensive side, but you are paying for the high quality experience you get. The area is very child friendly—there are a wide range activities guaranteed to keep your child busy all day long (and get them good and tired for the evening).

Cherng Talay

Just a few minutes away from all of this luxuriant stylishness (at the south end of the same bay) is Cherng Talay. Here you can see Thai villagers earning their living the way their ancestors did—by fishing, taping the rubber trees, and farming.

Those fishing boats in the water aren't carrying tourists around from island to reef—they are working boats. They are worth a closer look, just because you won't see many authentic fishing boats in the tourist areas of Phuket. You may also see traditional boat builders plying their trade.

Layan Beach

The northern tip of the beach, Layan Beach, is (so far) untouched by development. If you would like to have a beach to yourself in a good area of the island, this is a good place to go. There aren't many facilities, but the solitude can be a welcome break from your activity-packed itinerary. Pack your own food and water, and prepare yourself for a long walk. The beach is worth it.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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