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Karon Beach

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Karon Beach

Karon Beach is 3 miles of fine white sand. The sand actually squeaks when guests walk on it. There are sun beds in a single row along the beach for a relaxing day in the sun. If you prefer a less populated area, the north end of the of Karon Beach is generally quiet.

One of the night time visitors to Karon Beach are the sea turtles. They come ashore to lay their eggs. When and if you happen to run across these sea creatures or the tracks they have made just let the front desk in your hotel know. The Phuket Marine Biological Center will handle it by safely incubating the eggs.

In the winter months the water is gentle. There are not too many waves. The water is crystal clear. During the summer, or monsoon season, the water can become more dangerous. There will be red flag warnings set up during times of possible risk.

It is possible to rent a table and umbrella with two sun beds for the day at a price of 200 Thai Baht or $6.34 U.S. Dollars. This is a great price for a day spent lazing away in the sun. The local restaurants across the street from Karon Beach will allow visitors to use the facilities because there are none directly on the beach.

The Thai people love to eat. There are food vendors everywhere. On Karon Beach there are stalls where guests can try the local cuisine. Such tasty treats like curries and even Western foods are available.

All along Karon Beach you will see people enjoying the many water sport activities available. There are jet skis available. Other water sports include parasailing. You will see operators walking the beach searching for customers. Some of the other neat things Karon Beach offers is windsurfing. The conditions seem to always be right for it. With there being so much room Karon Beach is the perfect place for this fun activity. The banana boats are always popular. Guests can enjoy waterskiing as well.

There are always vendors walking Karon Beach selling all sorts of wares. Some of the things you see may surprise you. If you are not interested all you have to do is say so and they will pass you by. If you do happen to see something you like, just smile and make an offer. When it comes to bartering, it is always polite to smile. You will get further with a smile on Phuket Island.

Karon Beach offers so much for every guest. When you are looking for the perfect get-away Karon Beach is the place to go.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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