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Kata Beach

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Kata Beach on Phuket Island

Much like the Karon Beach, Kata Beach is a quiet and relaxing alternative to the commercial chaos of Phutek Island's Patong Beach. Kata is partitioned into the Kata Yai and the Kata Noi. While Kata Yai offers a long stretch of white sand with palm trees and some restaurants and resorts, the Kata Noi is smaller but more private and calm.

Kata Beach on Phuket Island is located just a short distance from the Karon beach, and it is one of the favorite beach destinations for families. The great night experience and the various resorts and restaurants offer a great stay on the beach. The beach changes seasonally with the monsoon winds, with plenty of sun between November and April, and big waves from May to October.

Mainly divided as the Kata centre in the north and the Kata south which is the hub to various resorts. A large space is occupied by Club Med and this provides a nice shady path for a walk. Moving forward the village offers a lot of items for sale in small shops and a lot of memorabilia as well. Also a large number of operators offer experiences that are beyond the sea shore.

It is a perfect sporty destination with jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing and wind surfing being largely popular. These are generally done on an hourly basis. When it comes to purely water sports the water skiing and wakeboard is quite popular but what beats them all is the banana boating.

Snorkeling is quite popular on the rocks that lie at the end of the beach with the various requirements easily available on rental basis. This beach can turn crowd at the time of high tides when people come here to surf in the rapid waters. This is mostly on the southern side and again all required tools can be hired on an hourly or daily basis.

Towards the end of the day, approaching the evening the beach is a place of activities like beach football and some volleyball action in the middle of the beach. Overall the entire experience is fun filled and once in a lifetime.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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View of the Andaman Sea form Kata Beach
Kata Beach on Phuket Island
Sun loungers on the Phuket beach of Kata
Jet Ski transported on Kata Beach road