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Laem Singh Beach

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Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh's little beach is now one of the worst-kept secrets on Phuket Island. There are a few hand painted signs on the road between Surin and Patong to show you the way to Laem Singh, but if you miss the signs, you will miss the road to this beach.

Laem Singh Beach on Phuket used to be the beach that no one knew about, but it is such a nice beach that the people who did know about it had to keep showing it to their friends. You will be fighting for a parking space and a place to sit on the beach if you go on a weekend or during a holiday. But if that is the only time you can go, then go. The beach is worth the fight for a parking space up on the hill.

Activities at Laem Singh Beach

What is so nice about this beach? It is perfect to sunbathe or to snorkel. The main part of the beach is brilliant white sand. Along the edges you will find rock outcroppings that just begged to be climbed, snorkeled around, and generally investigated.

Even though you will find others using the beach, you feel as if you have been initiated into a big secret. You have to take a certain road to reach this beach, and park in one of the areas without quite knowing where you are going. The beach only shows itself after walking for about five minutes down a steep path. Just when you think you have surely gone the wrong way, the view opens up, and there is Laem Singh in all its glory.

All in all, this beach is the perfect example of what a beach should look like. Why settle for less when there is Laem Singh?

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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Laem Singh Beach on Phuket Island
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