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Mai Khao Beach

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Mai Khao Beach Sunset

If you don't like to go to crowded beaches, then the solution may be Mai Khao. This beach stretches out luxuriously. Combined with its neighbour Nai Yang, it is almost 10 kilometres long. This is Phuket Island's northernmost beach, and its biggest beach by far. You will find the village of Had Mai Khao here, along with the Sirinath National Park. What you won't find are the big resort hotels.

This beach and the immediate area lack "proper" development, which means you will see the non tourist side of Phuket. This is an excellent area for people who don't like the resort scene, who think that an all-inclusive hotel hides the true face of an exotic locale. Other areas are dominated by tourists, Mai Khao allows you to mix with the locals in a low-key, authentic setting.

Mai Khao Beach as sea turtle nesting ground

This is a major sea turtle nesting ground. You may even see the huge leatherbacks if you come at just the right time. You may witness locals collecting sea-turtle eggs. Don't copy them. They are actually part of a sea turtle conservation effort and are taking the eggs to a hatchery so they have a better chance of surviving to hatch.

The turtles are released every year at the turtle releasing festival in mid-April. This is a wonderful experience for anyone, but the kiddies in particular will find this fun to watch.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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Mai Khao Beach Phuket Island
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Mai Khao Beach Sunset