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Nai Thon Beach

Phuket Attractions | Phuket Beaches: Nai Thon Beach

How often have you heard an area described as "the best kept secret of___," only to find when you arrived that everyone knew about the place? Well, Nai Thon is still a place where only those in the know enjoy it's beauty. There are resorts on Nai Thon, but the area is still a hidden jewel on this popular island.

Nai Thon Resorts and Accommodation

The Andaman White Beach Resort, the Phuket Naithon Resort, and the Phuket Nature Home Resort all call this 400-meter-long beach home. Still, the area is relatively relaxed, and your fellow beach lovers tend to come from the luxury resorts. Nai Thon is a good place to get away from the crowds and enjoy a tranquil swim.

Untouched Nature on Phuket

The biggest attraction that this beach holds isn't on the beach at all. The drive to the beach (from the southern approach) winds through Phuket's last remaining virgin jungle. There are so few places like it left on earth, you will want to stop an snap a picture for posterity. Once out of the jungle, you will journey along a coastline whose brilliant loveliness has to be seen to be believed.

Each of Phuket Island's beaches have a distinct personality. Patong is the urban sophisticate, Nai Harn is the true face of Phuket, and Nai Thon is tranquility incarnate. Nai Thon is all about soaking in the warm sun, swimming in the jewel-like sea, and leaving the hubbub of the world far away. If your idea of the perfect vacation involves nothing more than deciding when to reapply the suntan lotion as the sleepy ocean breeze caresses your skin, come to Nai Thon. Your perfect vacation beach is waiting for you.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010