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Nai Yang Beach

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Nai Yang Beach On Phuket Island

All of us have the deserted island fantasy. We would all like to get away (if only for a little while) from absolutely everything. In this world of instant messaging and high-speed travel, finding a place to be alone is a rare and precious thing.

Nai Yang can give this hard-to-find gift to you. The beautiful part of all this is that when you are done enjoying solitude, a 30 minute drive will put you right back in the middle of your fellow vacationers, a good bed, and a nice meal. Who says you can't have it all?

As with Mai Khao, the beach here is very steeply shelved. Translation: the sea floor drops down very quickly, so you can be in very deep water only a few meters from shore. The beach isn't appropriate for children to swim. During the low season (June-October), it isn't appropriate for anyone to swim here, since the undertow can be quite strong.

We say that there are plenty of other beaches that are quite swimable all over Phuket Island. Nai Yang and Mai Khao provide other benefits that you won't find anywhere else.

Go to Nai Yang to get away from the crowds, to see the way Thais live when they aren't welcoming tourists to their lovely island. Go there to lay on a beach that is truly deserted. Sometimes you need to get away from everything. Nai Yang, especially, will give you that much-needed isolation.

Nai Yang can be a great places to get away from it all. Just one little note: some people have the urge to take off all of their clothes in an effort to commune with nature when they are all alone. Remember that nudity (and ladies, this means going topless) are illegal on Phuket Island. Enjoy the isolation, but keep your clothes on.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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