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High season weather at Patong Beach in February

Patong Beach is the most populated beach on Phuket Island, Thailand. When planning your Thai holiday, leave at least one day to explore Patong Beach, Phuket Island, Thailand if you will not be staying at one of the fabulous Patong Beach resorts in the southern part of the island.

Over the years, Patong Beach has become a popular destination for families and is the most popular tourist area on Phuket Island. Patong Beach is surrounded by lush, green mountains that gaze down onto sparkling white sand surrounding the beautiful bay. Patong Beach is open to the public all year round, although some vendors will claim certain areas of the beach to try to rent lounge chairs or jet skis to visitors.

Patong Beach is perfect during the winter months as well as the summer months as temperatures are warm in Phuket Island, Thailand throughout the year. Because it is a bay beach, swimming is perfect all year long on this beautiful, tropical beach. Here you can relax in the crystal clean sand while viewing the magnificent waters and tropical rainforest above.

Accommodations on Patong Beach vary from luxury resorts to modest, economy hotels. No matter what your budget, you are certain to find excellent lodging throughout Patong Beach.

Nightlife on Patong Beach ranges from the wild bars and go-go clubs to the more sedate, uppercrust cocktail lounges. If you like live music, you can find many different venues that offer DJs, jazz and even house bands that play popular Western style music. Dance clubs are scattered throughout the beach and are a lively way to enjoy an evening on the town.

The restaurants are superb on Patong Beach. You can find any cuisine including International, English, Scandanavian, Indian, Chinese and, of course, Thai. Thai food is a tempting Asian cuisine that visitors to Phuket Island should try as the island has some of the best Thai restaurants in Thailand.

Shopping is rife throughout Patong Beach. In addition to the hundreds of local souvenir shops, there are upscale boutiques, jewelry and antique shops abound. No matter what you look to buy, you can find it on Patong Beach.

Day activities include jet ski and canoe rentals that can be found along the beach. Many people enjoy taking junk boat tours on the beautiful bay in authentic, Thai junk boats.

Patong Beach, Phuket Island, Thailand offers a lively, fun atmosphere that is suitable for those of all ages who like a little excitement on their holiday.

Last Updated: 17 Oct 2011

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Patong Beach In February
Rows of sun lounges on Patong Beach
High season weather at Patong Beach in February
Enjoying the great beach of Patong in February