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Patong Beach

Phuket Attractions | Patong, the center of nightlife and beach fun in Phuket
Rows of sun lounges on Patong Beach

Patong, is the most popular and most developed beach on Phuket Island. This crescent shaped stretch of sunny, sandy beach is about 3 kilometers long, and lies to the west of the island. The numerous water activities available and the legendary nightlife make Patong Beach an extremely popular beach to play and party both day and night.

Patong beach is definitely one of the most visited beaches and can get quite crowded sometimes, although it is busy for a reason. There's just so much you can do there. It's great for swimming and splashing about in the waves and has life guard posts at several intervals along the beach. There's no shortage of sun loungers and umbrellas for shade.

If you've rented a bike there's lots of parking available and an official dressed in a beige uniform will collect a parking fee (usually a flat rate of 5-10 THB).

Patong Beach: Water Sports

You will never get bored at Patong beach as there are plenty of beach vendors, to keep you well supplied with refreshing drinks. Take a relaxing beach massage or try your hand at one of the many water sports like jet skiing, water skiing and parasailing. Read our guide on renting a wave runner / jet ski in Phuket, so you know what you're doing.

Patong Beach: Surfing

The best place to surf at Patong Beach is at the north end towards Kalim, where the waves can be quite good, fast and open to the wind. Surf Details: Slight winds with waves up to a metre and a half with a beach break.

Patong Beach: Food

There's no shortage of dining choices along Patong Beach and you can find everything from fine dining to fast food (local Thai fast food as well as international chains like Burger King and McDonalds). You can find cuisines from almost every nationality including Arabic, French, German, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Scandinavian, English and even Mexican. Pretty much anything you can think of that takes your fancy, you can find it in the Patong Beach area.

Prices in some restaurants along the beach front can be a little expensive, but all of them have menu's in multiple languages at the entrance so you can match your taste and budget before deciding to go in. As a general rule of thumb if you see how much your usual drink is (from one place to the next) you can quickly get a rough idea if prices are over-inflated or not.

Patong Beach: Nightlife

Patong Beach is renown for its lively, bustling nightlife and wild party scene. The heart of all the action centers along Bangla Road, where discos, bars, restaurants, jazz lounges and more abound. with the best resources to party and dance. Day or night, you will never go wanting for action at Patong Beach.

Patong Beach: Accommodation

Accommodation in Patong Beach are even more varied than it's dining options with wide a range of hotels and resorts for every taste and every budget.

Last Updated: 31 May 2012