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The Phi Phi islands that are situated less than 50km from Phuket on the eastern side are home to some of the best diving sites in the world and cater the needs of all types of diving enthusiasts from across the globe. This experience is the best when you opt for the 7 dive special which is an over night trip. Many spots are breeding places for hard corals enhancing the reputation of Phi Phi as a diving or a place to snorkel.

Here are some of the dive sites of the Phi Phi Islands:

Koh Bida Nok & Koh Bida Nai

Towards the south of the Phi Phi are these islands which are holding quite a number of rocks and have a very appealing natural beauty and offers perfect condition for the diving of amateurs and pros. The reefs are quite shallow and have tall boundaries being more than 25 metres deep. Leopard sharks are very frequently observed at time on land and at times in water. Coloured soft and hard corals are a place of hiding for eels and scorpion fish. Koh Bida Nai is a place which has a beautified arch comprising of baitfish that moves to a coral garden underwater. Turtles too are seen in these spots.

Loh Samah Bay

On the eastern side of the Phi Phi Islands is a superb diving spot called Loh Samah Bay which is a preferred spot night diving. The bay comprises of tough corals with anemones at a variety of depths. The diving path is along a tiny lime covered island in the bay, The boundary walls have mirrors attached beneath the water surface. Sea horses and delicate aquatic organisms are often seen on the eastern side.

Maya Bay - The Beach

Mostly known for its exhibition in the Hollywood flick, The Beach, this island is native to a little larger population but that does not take away the wonderful diving spots. Towards the northern end are groups of sloppy reefs and rocky land which are a site to observe turtles. The Maya wall towards the North west is also quite popular. Proper care should be taken while exploring the caves

Hin Bida

Situated quite close to Koh bida is the Phi Phi Shark point also called Hin Bida. This site is highly popular for the leopard sharks seen here. The land is surrounded by corals and in the south of the island the corals provide a great view.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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