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Phuket Aquarium

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The awesome Phuket Aquarium located between Phuket Bay and the Panwa Bay. This is considered a must see attraction for visitors on Phuket Island, Thailand.

The aquarium of course is enormous, while its goal is to provide information about the coastal and marine life, fish, and certain under water plants. The exhibition of life under water is so amazing.

Tanks display beauty implicating the natural environment or surroundings; right down to the coral reef, sandy beach, or rocky shore.

In what's known as the hall visitors can see the fish and plant life which give you a feeling of being under water with them.

Fresh water plants and fist are in ten different tanks. And four smaller tanks. The hall itself is divided into two sections. Freshwater is only one section. However, 20 tons of freshwater is used for the tanks.

There are over 50 different species of fish and freshwater plants for you to see.

The second section of the hall is made in 22 tanks to show the marine life. The tunnel is transparent enabling all the marine life to be seen and displayed.

The aquarium attracts visitors of all ages as well as from many different places. Phuket Island, Thailand has so many attractions such as the Phuket Aquarium, many who visit find themselves making plans for a future visit.

There are some cases during the year when the aquarium closes. It is constantly changing and adding different things to the aquarium tanks. So it may seem different each time you visit.

The newest addition to the Phuket Aquarium on Phuket Island, Thailand is known as the touch pool. The touch pool is basically a shallow reed of several small creatures. Some of these little creatures include sea cucumbers, and sea stars. Visitors are allowed to gently touch the small creatures.

The Phuket Aquarium on Phuket island reopened in April of 2005, after being closed for improvements for two years.

Phuket Island, Thailand has many attractions and as of 2005, the aquarium adds to the variety.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010