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Phuket Sea Shell Museum

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Display at the Phuket Shell Museum

The Phuket Sea Shell Museum in Rawai Beach is amazing. A display of sea shells from literally all over the world. At lest 2,000 different types can be explored on Phuket Island, Thailand's museum. Ancient fossils, giant clams, and very rare golden pearls.

Explore the history of Phuket Island, Thailand, and its beginning. Locals love to tell the old stories. Learn about the Gypsy sea culture from the "earlier days" on Phuket Island, Thailand.

Although Phuket Island, Thailand has a wonderful zoo, which is home to many animals both from native Phuket Island and different parts of the world; by site- seeing you can explore other areas of Phuket Island, Thailand and see some of the animals that don't live at the local zoo.

Of course you can explore the temples, shrines, and monasteries located on Phuket Island, Thailand. These are beautifully designed; but one should keep in mind there are many to visit and explore.

Phuket Island, Thailand, is also home to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. Located in northeast Phuket.

This is where all the gibbons go when they are a certain age. Not only is it considered their home but to those who explore Phuket Island, Thailand, the rehabilitation project is a place for the gibbons to be safe.

Gibbons ensure the health and quality of the rainforest of Phuket Island, Thailand. They are a part of the "monkey" family, the locals know when they reach a certain age they become aggressive.

Some visitors who explore that region of Phuket Island, Thailand, often see these mature gibbons and where they live.

Old Phuket is the home to many old mansions that happened to survive the mining days on Phuket Island, Thailand. To explore old Phuket is like taking a journey into the past.

This is part of Phuket Island, Thailand, is very popular. Visitors generate from all over to explore the region, and sometimes it gets very congested and crowded with people.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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Pretty Conch Shells In The Phuket Shell Museum
Display at the Phuket Shell Museum
Filigrane sea shells in the Phuket Shell Museum
Phuket Shell Museum