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Wat Chalong stupa with relic of the Buddha

Like any other vacation destination, Phuket Island has its share of breathtaking sights to explore. No vacation to Phuket Island is complete without taking in all the sights it has to offer. There are traditional temples, beautiful coral reefs, and hidden marine caves just waiting to be explored. There is also a small portion of rainforest left and a Gibbon Rehabilitation Center that are worth checking out.

There are many Buddhist temples on Phuket Island, two of the most famous tourist sights are Wat Chalong and Wat Phra Thong. Wat Chalong is a temple dedicated to three monks whom the locals though to have healing powers. There is also a newer building on the temple grounds dedicated to Buddha. Another one of the popular sights is the Wat Phra Thong. This temple has a golden image of Biddha buried halfway into the ground. The local legend is that horrible things will befall the person who digs it out.

For people who like water, the marine sights are worth visiting. Snorkeling and scuba diving will give visitors access to some of the most beautiful coral and aquatic sights in the world. There is great snorkeling on the west coast of Phuket Island and charter boats that will take scuba divers to see all the sights in the ocean around Phuket Island.

Some of the most stunning sights on Phuket Island lie in the marine caves that surround the island. Accessible only by ocean canoe or Kayak, tourists can access these open air caves only at low tide. The caves are filled with the sights of tropical fauna and beautiful rock formations.

The interior of Phuket Island also has a small portion of remaining rainforest and a gibbon rehabilitation center. This is one sight every visitor should see as you will get the opportunity to explore a small section of real rainforest. The rehabilitation center is near the Bang Pae Waterfall and gives visitors an insight into the plight of the gibbon that are close to extinction.

No matter if you like the beauty of the beach or the excitement of exploring the interior of Phuket Island, there are sights for everyone who visits.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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View from the Giant Buddha towards Phuket Town
Statuary at Phuket Giant Buddha
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Good luck firecrackers at Wat Chalong