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Layan Beach at sunset

Phuket Attractions | Sunset on the famous Layan Beach
Ooking North Along Layan Beach

In the far north of Bangtao Beach there is a remote section called Layan Beach. Layan Beach is known for its quietness, clean white sands and gentle rollers in the high season. Here you can sit and watch one of Phuket's most beautiful sunsets and relax in paradise. The simple restaurant on the beach caps off a perfect setting.

Layan Beach lets you unwind and feel the vastness of the ocean. Dig your feet deep in the sand, feel the warmth of the setting sun and let your mind run unencumbered. For many local residents Layan Beach this is the beach to visit if you want Phuket at its best. The Indian Ocean stretches out before you in a continuous horizon, the rythmic sounds of waves caress the worried mind. This has true paradise qualities. Layan beach is at the far north of Bangtao beach and close to the Laguna Hotels.

Sunset on Layan Beach

The golden sunsets happen a lot in the high season November to May. You can watch the burning fireball melt into the horizon and if you are lucky catch the after glow. This is a time of peace and reflection, a time to appreciate the world we live in. The sunset happens from about 6.30pm (December) to 7.10pm (July) depending on the season.

Layan Beach Restaurant

The restaurant on the beach is the classic rustic local affair catering to the tourist palate. Layan Beach Restaurant has fish on the menu and other classics like Fried Rice or noodles, Deep fried battered prawn, chicken curries and more. There is a fridge for the ice creams for the kids. The building is just a kitchen with an extended roof so it is easy to come off the beach covered with sand and no one minds.

Layan Beach Waves

The waves are beautiful and regular as the beach is on the whole, predictable. Layan Beach faces west but the reach is Africa so please respect that. The waves on the beach can be dangerous in low season or when there is a storm, so be careful to follow the flags... all red meaning don�t go out, Red and yellow ... the default, go out with care.

Quiet Layan Beach

The beach is at the most northerly part of the Bangtao Beach sweep of sand. Inland there are a few high end villas but no real village so the beach is rarely trod. Further south (1.5km) at the Laguna complex, a series of 5 Star luxury resorts, over 1500 rooms in 5 hotels put many people on the beach.

Layan Beach Massage

There are a couple of massage beds on the beach. You can get the standard Thai Massage, an oil masssage, or a foot massage. This is nothing fancy, just a bamboo roof and flooring to keep you off the sand. The rhythm of those waves makes you sleep.

Last Updated: 19 Jan 2011

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