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Wat Chalong stupa with relic of the Buddha
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Phuket has a number of beautiful Buddhist temples.

When you go to visit the temples, do remember that they are places of worship for the Thais. Act respectfully. Don't take pictures of family members posed next to Buddha. Dress respectfully-this means no shorts or beach wear, or tank tops or other skimpy clothing for women. Take your hat and your shoes off at the door.

Don't be surprised if you see Thais or Asian tourists setting off firecrackers. They are doing it to bring good luck.

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This is Phuket's most visited temple. Climb up the five flights of stairs to the main temple and look at the golden dome there. It is supposed to house some of the Buddah's bones, making Wat Chalong a major temple for the faithful. It is the biggest temple on Phuket.

If you see cans full of what look like bamboo sticks, pick one up and shake it until a stick falls out. This will have a number on it. Replace the bamboo stick and walk around the corner to the right. There you will find a cabinet. Open the drawer with the corresponding number and take out a slip of paper. This is your fortune. Either have someone there translate it for you, or get help from the people at your hotel. Don't forget to leave a donation for your divination.

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This temple is less touristy than Wat Chalong. That is probably because it is a bit of a trip to get there. This temple, in our opinion, has one of the most interesting stories around. There is a Buddha partially buried there. The legend says that anyone who tries to dig it out will die.

The short version of the story is that a young boy saw a strange object poking out of the ground. He tied his water buffalo to the spire and tried to pull it out. He died instantly, and so did the water buffalo. His father later came by and found out the spire is the top of a Buddah's head buried in the ground. In the mid 1700's, the Burmese came in and ravaged the countryside. When they tried to dig it out, ants came out of the ground and bit them. Many soldiers died, and they only succeeded in digging down to the Buddha's throat.

This temple is definitely worth taking time out to see. Visit the gift shop at the end of your visit.

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This is one of the largest temples on the island, and its second oldest. This is the rallying point where the two plucky heroines fooled the Burmese into withdrawing.

Come and see the newly renovated architecture, and an example of the rare bee-hive structure where you can toss a fire cracker for luck.


Last Updated: 12 Mar 2008

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