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Wat Chalong Temple

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View from the highest point of Wat Chalong

If you are looking for a unique travel destination while you are in Phuket, Thailand, than you must absolutely visit the Wat Chalong Temple. The reason why this is just a unique travel destination is because of the fact that out of all other 29 Phuket Buddhist monasteries, this is the largest as well as the most ornate. Whether or not you are a follower of the Buddhist doctrine, you will be in absolute awe of this unique travel destination.

One of the main reasons why individuals decide to go on vacation, apart from the fact that they want a getaway, are unique travel destinations, and when you come to a place like Phuket there are hundreds of these unique travel destinations to choose from. One of the greatest aspects of the Wat Chalong Temple, that tourists will enjoy, is the fact that there is no admission fee to enter into the temple. However, it is suggested, and highly recommended, that you place a small donation of 10 baht in order to keep the restoration process moving.

There are several things that you must remember while you are at this unique travel destination, and the first of these is to take off your shoes before you enter any temple building. This is incredibly important to remember, also do not treat or look at any Buddha images disrespectfully. However, you can take pictures of the temples, Buddhist ceremonies as well as various images and even the monks. But remember women should not touch the monks.

This is definitely one of the most unique travel destinations, and if you are traveling through during their weekly holy day, than you will be able to listen to monks chants their holy scriptures in the morning. In order to find out what days the monks will be doing this, check with a local or with your hotel concierge. A good tip for going to this unique travel destination is to visit there during the afternoon so you can watch the sunset at Promthep Cape, which is the southernmost part of Phuket. This unique travel destination not only provides you with a spiritual awakening, but also with spectacular architecture and breathtaking views of the sea.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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