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The history of Phuket Island, Thailand dates back to 1025 A.D. Remains found throughout Phuket Island, Thailand is proof of the date. The actual meaning of the name Phuket Island, Thailand comes from "Tamil manikram", or the crystal mountain. For those who know more about the history of Phuket Island, Thailand; even with different names given, it was known as "Junk Ceylon" originally.

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Loy Krathong

Last Updated: 06 Jun 2013

A land of cultural heritage, Thailand has a lot to offer to the millions of tourists who come to visit from across the world. If you happen to be there on the full moon in November, you will be in for the most magical sight of your life. This is when the Thai celebrate their annual Festival of Lights - Loy Krat... read more.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival Self Mutilation

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Last Updated: 06 Jun 2013

Location: Phuket Town
The Phuket Vegetarian Festival, is a Chinese event to celebrate their belief of refraining from meat and other things, at a certain time each year. Phuket Island, Thailand acknowledges this festival every year as the nine day event takes place.... read more.

Phuket history

Last Updated: 14 Mar 2012

Location: Phuket Town
Phuket history is a long and varied one, almost stretching back 1700 years with a mention by Ptolemy, the Greek geographer. In Phuket history the island has been called ‘Jang Si Lang' or ‘Junk Ceylon', a name that is celebrated today by a shopping Mall in Patong and tremendous old fashion sailing junk tour in t... read more.

Chinese New Year in Phuket

Last Updated: 14 Feb 2012

Location: Phuket Town
The highlight of the year is the Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration. With colorful costumes and dazzling displays of fireworks it is a spectacle to behold. There are always the great processions through the streets of Phuket. This is the most important festival for the Chinese people. Combined with the Old Phuk... read more.

Phuket Island Shows

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

Phuket Island has no shortage of things to do and see while on vacation there. There are many activities, lots of entertainment, and countless shows available for all ages and interests. If you are planning a trip to Phuket Island, consider checking out one of these fascinating shows during your stay.... read more.