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Loy Krathong

Phuket Culture | The Festival of Lights at Phuket Island, Thailand

A land of cultural heritage, Thailand has a lot to offer to the millions of tourists who come to visit from across the world. If you happen to be there on the full moon in November, you will be in for the most magical sight of your life. This is when the Thai celebrate their annual Festival of Lights - Loy Krathong.

Every water body across Thailand is transformed by the gentle glow and flicker of thousands upon thousands of candles. The ethereal scene looks as if taken over from a ballroom scene in a Disney fairy tale. The magical lights are visible for miles out across the sea.

Magically yours

Loy Krathong (or Festival of Light) on Phuket is an event that falls under the category of events that you just cannot afford to miss. Along with the decorations and the cultural festivals it is also considered to be a highly auspicious occasion as well. It is also believed to be very popular among the kids and they experience and see a lot of joy and magic floating around them.

If you happen be anywhere around Phuket in the first week of November, it will be a golden opportunity for you to ensure that you are blessed with a lot of good luck. On the western coastal region of Phuket a gentle flow of air is constant at this time in the year and this is considered to boost all the prayers you make and the amount of luck you would have then is believed to depend on the tidal movements and currents of the water.

Take Part in the Festival

On the day of the festival, the Thai will go to the local canal or river to float their krathongs. These are handcrafted mini-floats that are made from banana leaves and which contain a flower, 3 sticks of incense and a candle. These will be lit before they are placed in the water.

You can buy - or make - your own 'krathong' on the day of the festival. They will be on sale at several outdoor street stalls. Their representation is usually that of a Lotus as it resembles a lot of luck. 'Krathongs' are often styled after the lotus flower, a traditional symbol of luck.

When the sun sets and in the light of the full moon, the krathongs are set to float in the water, usually making a wish at the same time. It is believed that the further it floats, and the longer your candle stays lit, the greater your fortune will be in the following year.

Before the evening is over, thousands of flickering candles will be bobbing up and down in the water, and fireworks may go off as well.

Last Updated: 06 Jun 2013