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Chinese New Year in Phuket

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The highlight of the year is the Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration. With colorful costumes and dazzling displays of fireworks it is a spectacle to behold. There are always the great processions through the streets of Phuket. This is the most important festival for the Chinese people. Combined with the Old Phuket Festival this two day set of festivals is one of the most colorful displays ever.

The food is phenomenal during this celebration. There is always the traditional foods offered. Yet during the Chinese New Year there are delicacies made which are a specialty. There are certain foods which are believed to bring luck to those who it them at this time of year.

Traditional Chinese New Year (CNY) Dinner

A traditional dinner honoring the ancestors is prepared by each family. It is a time to remember their contributions made to the family fortune. It is the belief that what happens during the Chinese New Year (CNY) is a sign of what is to come the following year. To ensure good fortune, children and friends may receive little red envelopes with gifts of money inside.

The reason for so many of the celebrating people wearing red is because it is considered to be a happy color. To ensure a bright and sunny future many will have the color. Tradition plays an important role in the Chinese New Year. As well as the history of the family.

Firecrackers at the Chinese New Year

The celebration always includes the firecrackers. This fantastic burst of brilliance is the Chinese tradition of sending out the old year and welcoming in the new. For some reason it seems to happen every night. In true Chinese fashion on the stroke of midnight every door and window must be opened to allow the old year to fully depart.

It is a great holiday indeed to when you get to visit Phuket Island during the Chinese New Year (CNY). The best places to stay to see the celebrations are at Phuket town at hotels like the Royal Phuket City.

Last Updated: 14 Feb 2012