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Similan Islands Hawksbill Turtle

Phuket Island, Thailand while having several attractions to see such as beaches and more, there are those visitors and tourists who like to see what's going on under the water. Phuket Island, Thailand accommodates these visitors too. Beginners and experienced divers can enjoy the under water world and scenery. Although there are many diving spots one that is popular among the Phuket Island, Thailand tourists is called Shark Point.

Shark point is named after the Leopard shark who lives on the sandy bottom. Along the Similan and Surin Islands in the Andaman Sea is where you'll find more diving points or spots.

In fact, along these islands were rated among the top ten dive sites. Huge boulders with coral gardens provide homes for Manta Ray, Whales sharks, and more marine life.

Phuket Island, Thailand is a great place to achieve your Professional Association Of Diving Instructors (PADI) certificate. Phuket Island Thailand not only offers a great place for visitors but also has well known diving instructors too.

A number of options are available from basic diving courses to learning Nitrox diving techniques.

Most of the time diving in the tropics, the water will be warm. Seeing is good, a lot of former visitors return to Phuket Island, Thailand for diving simply because the visibility and sunshine made for some awesome under water photos.

The thriving marine environment surrounding Phuket Island, Thailand provide great diving for beginners and the experienced. Divers are also accompanied by certified instructors of Phuket Island, Thailand too. Every point or spot where you can go diving is essentially and completely different than the other. All have individual qualities and beauty for divers of all types to enjoy.

Go back to your hotel on Phuket Island, Thailand and enjoy the entertainment there, and then go scuba diving again. There is no limit.

The last spectacular note about scuba diving tours, provided by Phuket Island, Thailand; enjoy a dive experience you'll never forget by diving at night. Phuket Island, Thailand has those accommodations to be able to do this.

Last Updated: 31 May 2012