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Snorkeling With Whale Sharks At Similan Island

Similian islands are very famous for the sanctuary and are accepted as one of the best dive spots in Thailand. The Islands provide a large range of diving conditions and this has lead to the increasing popularity. It is also observed that the annual visitors keep on increasing every year and this adds to the reason why it is a favored spot.

The following are a few island diving sites in the Similian Islands, these islands do possess names but are mostly addressed numerically.

Similan Islands Dive Sites:

Elephant Head (Hin Pusar)

Mostly regarded as the best diving site the Elephant Head consists of huge granite deposits that give rise to a maze like structure under water with a depth of nearly 40 metres. If observed from the top a rock looks like an elephant and the spot is situated on the southern end of the Ko Similan, island 8.

Christmas Point

Lying on the western side of island 9 is one of Similan's better diving spots showcasing corals, arches and passage routes that span over a large area. A home to the white tip sharks the site requires more than one attempts to be completely explored.

East of Eden

Offering the largest collection of reefs on any of the Similan Islands a site featured with smooth currents apt for a nice drift dive. It is in no means lesser than an aquarium as it supports large number of marine species including turtles.

Boulder City / Shark Fin Reef

The sites form a region of a rocky edge moving away from island 3. These are wonderful to observe the bigger fishes like the bumphead parrot fish. Corals provide a décor for the passage area as the sites span over a large area as deep as 35m.

Beacon Point / Beacon Beach

A stony region at the south of island 8 that reflects the face of a monkey and showcasing big boulders on white sand base. Towards the north is a long stretching reef which extends towards the eastern end.

Breakfast Bend

On the east of Similan island 9 is the site with a collection of nice and good looking coral with enormous fish population the reef is more than 20m deep. Also good for night diving the site can be good to see turtles.

Last Updated: 14 Oct 2011

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