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If all the outdoor activities on your trip to Phuket Island Thailand in the warm tropical surroundings aren't enough to keep you fit, there are plenty of modern fitness centers available where you can work up a sweat. Having the perfect beach body is must when vacationing at a beach resort and with all the choices of great fitness centers in Phuket Island Thailand, working out and keeping fit and your body in prime beach condition while on your tropical getaway is easy.

Fitness centers at Phuket hotels and resorts

All the major resorts and spas Phuket Island Thailand have gyms or fitness centers. All the modern equipment and ancillary services such as saunas, juice bars, and locker rooms are included. Check with your hotel when making reservations to find out what type of fitness center they have to offer.

If your hotel's fitness center is not specialized enough for your needs, there are plenty of other fitness centers around Phuket Island Thailand. Each center offers monthly, weekly, or daily membership rates so working out when you want is not a problem. Joining one of Phuket Island's fitness centers is no problem either; all you need is your passport.

Phuket Gym Patong

The Phuket Gym Patong is located in Patong Beach near the Patong City Hotel and is one of Phuket Island's premier fitness centers. They offer English speaking trainers, aerobics held classes everyday, saunas, bikes, and a huge selection of state of the art fitness equipment. With prices less than 4 EUR per day, saying fit has never been so economical or easy.

Tailife Health and Fitness in Patong Beach

The Tailife Health and Fitness is also located on Patong Beach on Phuket Island. This modern fitness center offers hi-tech fitness machines, a pool, sauna, massages, and a juice bar. For less than 5 EUR per day, staying fit on your vacation to Phuket Island Thailand will be enjoyable in this luxurious fitness center.

These are only a couple of great fitness centers located in Phuket Island Thailand that are available to keep you looking great and feeling good on your vacation to this wonderful destination.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010