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Natural Healing on Phuket

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There is one thing that the residents of Phuket Island, Thailand truly believe in and that is natural healing. Whether it's a massage to restore balance, a herbal sauna to cleanse the body, or an herbal pack to calm nerves, this may all sound new to people in the west, but it is a part of everyday life for people on Phuket Island, Thailand. And it has been for centuries.

Before modern medicine reached the island, herbs filled the role of doctor. And originally the village doctors were monks. Buddhist temples were the center of learning and culture, as well as sickness or pain. Therefore the belief of the body consisted of four elements. Wind, water, fire, and earth. So an illness was a simple imbalance or obstruction between them.

The people on Phuket Island use natural healing still today. To correct an imbalance or remedy an illness, the village "doctor" would make a herbal pack for the patient to ingest, rub on the skin, or use with steam.

Many of the natural Thai herbs grew freely on the island. While although other herbs grew on Phuket Island they were not as easy to find.

Although medical procedures and medicine has been updated on the island, there still remains some residents who use the herbs and the remedies they are accustomed too.

With this in mind, it is refreshing to the many visitors to Phuket Island, Thailand. There are many spas and massage parlors on the island. As well as facilities that still offer that natural healing where a tourist or visitor can experience their relaxing and calming techniques.

Many of the visitors do feel more relaxed or have more energy. Phuket Island residents have their own cultures but feeling better if felt the same way in all cultures.

Tourists go to these places simply for experience. To learn the concept of Phuket Island, Thailand, its culture, and some of the natural healing it may provide.

A lot of the bigger hotels on the island have a spa or sauna within the hotel somewhere for their guests to enjoy.

Most of the natural healing places even sell herbs used for the process of natural healing that can only be found on Phuket Island.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010