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Bars under Tiger Disco in Patong Beach

Most people, while on holiday intend to enjoy the best of all things. From morning to noon to night, there are many things that should be enjoyed along the way. For this reason major holiday destinations often have a wide variety of bars open to visitors for the purpose of excellent libations and a thrilling nightlife. The same holds true when it comes to bars in Phuket Island, Thailand. There are many different types of bars to appeal to a wide variety of clientele.

Phuket Bars are very varied. From the hot night spots of Patong to your hotel bar, the island seems full of people out to have a great time. This is a fun island where travellers and tourists come to let their hair down, tell a few stories and meet new people. Phuket Bars sell the whole range of cocktails and beers. Wine is not very popular partyl due to the heat and partly due to the strong government tax.

Patong Bars

There are many other bars in Phuket Island Thailand of course; nevertheless Patong Beach and Soi Bangla is the main centre for Phuket nightlife. You will find a staggering number of bars here, each catering to the wildly different tastes of those coming to enjoy one of the wildest nightlife scenes in Thailand. Many people come to meet new friends, there are shows and dancing, Patong has it all.

Hotel Bars

You will find that most of the finer hotels and resorts have one or more bars for hotel guests and visitors alike. These are rather convenient for those traveling with families or those who are in town for conventions, meetings, or trade shows. One reason is that you can enjoy your cocktails and after dinner drinks without needing to travel or worry about driving, cab fares, or getting lost coming back to the hotel. Most hotel bars in Phuket Island Thailand offer a rather extensive selection of drinks for their guests and are quite comparable in price with other bars in the area.

Phuket Discos

While commonly associated with dancing, most discos also offer a wide selection of cocktails and drinks for their guests. When it comes to bars in Phuket Island, Thailand discos may not be the best for a nice quiet place to enjoy a drink but they are a great place to go for a partying atmosphere. Seduction is a great place to dance the night away and this disco can be found on Soi Bangla

Karaoke Bars

Karaoke is popular in Thailand. As such you will find many karaoke bars in Phuket Island that accommodate all kinds of crowds. You will find many that are hole in the wall sorts of establishments and others that are far more modern in appearance and clientele.

Last Updated: 27 Jan 2011

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Girls dancing in Soi Lion in Patong
Tiger bar complex at Soi Bangla Phuket
Bars under Tiger Disco in Patong Beach
Beer bars at the Otop Market in Patong Beach