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Most photographed Sign in Patong Beach

Great clubs in Phuket Island Thailand abound. Whether as a side effect or a direct result of the heavy reliance of this region on tourism there are plenty of clubs to satisfy almost every taste in nightlife. From those that cater to very specific clientele to those that are open pretty much to one and all, you will find many wonderful clubs in Phuket Island Thailand in which to spend your evenings.


For those that like a little more than a place just to sit back and have a few drinks there are plenty of cabarets that offer not only great drinks but also a fabulous show to thrilled audiences from all over the world. If you are looking for some great clubs in Phuket Island Thailand be sure to check out many of the cabaret shows to see if any pique your interests.


If you are a fan of drinking and dancing the night away you will enjoy taking your pick of the many disco clubs in Phuket Island Thailand. You will find the trendy clubs along Patong beach and some that are not quite as trendy but that offer a nice mix of music and drinks for your pleasure. Whether you appreciate the larger crowds of trendy hot spots or prefer a more laid back atmosphere in your disco clubs you will have plenty from which to choose throughout the island.

Go Go Clubs

There are many different types of clubs in Phuket Island Thailand and one that shouldn't be overlooked for important value to visitors and the local economy alike are the Go Go Clubs. These clubs often have dancers that perform on stage, and quite often are willing to perform off stage for the right price. There are many Go Go Clubs in Phuket Island Thailand. These clubs are a highlight for many tourists and if you are so inclined may be a vital part of your holiday schedule.

Do not spend so much time enjoying the various clubs in Phuket Island Thailand along with the nightlife that you forget to take the time to enjoy the many delights that await during the daylight hours. There is much to be done on this island if you pace yourself.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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Most photographed Sign in Patong Beach
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