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There are many places to find entertainment on Phuket Island, and no vacationer has an excuse to sit in and do noting while on a trip to Phuket. There are many shows geared for families and also many places for adults to go for exciting nightlife.

Phuket FantaSea, Palace of the Elephants and Festival Village are all great places to go for family entertainment. Phuket FantaSea is a theme park loaded with cultural activities and entertainment. The feel of the theme park is inspired by the rich heritage of Thailand. Phuket FantaSea features shows, entertainment and attractions that are both educational and entertaining; a great place to go with your kids.

The Palace of the Elephants is another great entertainment spot on Phuket Island for families. The modern theater is decorated like a stone palace with intricate elephant carvings. There are nightly shows featuring elephants, Thai culture, illusion, aerial performances, acrobatics, and special effects. You can go and watch the show of have dinner at their extensive buffet.

Festival Village is another theme park on Phuket Island where families can go for entertainment. Visitors can enjoy shopping, street shows, and friendly Thai hospitality. There are also parades, pageants, and elephant rides making Festival Village a must see attraction on your trip to Phuket Island.

If you want more adult entertainment, Phuket Island has plenty of that as well. There are many cabaret shows in local bars around the island; the most famous is the Simon Cabaret just outside of Patong. This cabaret show features a musical show that is often risqué and hilarious and is preformed by the local "ladyboys" dressed in drag and hard to tell apart from real women. The costumes and choreography of the Simon Cabaret shows are spectacular making them some of the most popular adult entertainment venues on Phuket Island.

You can also take in some traditional Thai boxing during your stay on Phuket Island. Thai style boxing is the national sport of Thailand and is a popular form of entertainment for tourists and locals alike. Thai boxers are allowed to use any body part they want, except the head, to fight with making for an awesome show of strength and ferocity.

No matter what your tastes are, there is some sort of entertainment for you while visiting Phuket Island.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2010

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